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  • ClearStart 30 contains a carefully chosen combination of natural ingredients that neutralizes and dislodges toxins, waste, and parasites and removes them from your body. We recommend using ClearStart
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Why You Need ClearStart 30:

Your body isn’t designed to eliminate all of the toxins you absorb. Over time, these toxins affect the efficiency of your internal organs and coat the walls of your intestines to the point that you are no longer absorbing the nutrients you need. Effectively eliminating the waste, toxins, and possible parasites is essential to good health. ClearStart contains a carefully chosen combination of natural ingredients that neutralizes and dislodges toxins, waste, and parasites and removes them from your body. We recommend using ClearStart on a quarterly basis—perhaps with each change of season. Think of it as spring-cleaning your body from the inside.

ClearStart 30 should be your first step in any health, weight management, or beauty regimen.

ClearStart 30 features 3 powerful products:

Clear Start 30

Detailed Product Information:

Nature’s Tea

Nature's Tea Detox and Colon Cleansing Herbal Tea, available for sale at’s Tea is a soothing blend of 10 Chinese and American herbs that gently cleanses the urinary and intestinal tracts and provides additional support for the immune system. Nature’s Tea aids the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself of toxins, combining efficient cleansing action as part of a weight management program.

This special blend of herbs has been formulated and used with great success for more than 20 years. Consumers around the world spend vast amounts of money every year on products and regimes that claim to conquer that stubborn excess baggage called fat. Nature’s Tea, from Unicity, addresses this concern with a natural and gentle, yet effective, product that nourishes the intestinal, urinary, and immune systems. When combined with proper nutrition and a conscientious exercise program, Nature’s Tea gives the body the nutritional support it needs to cleanse and slim itself for improved health and appearance. Nature's Tea Detox and Colon Cleansing Herbal Tea, available for sale at

Nature’s Tea is the product of choice if you need to clean your digestive system and to encourage it to get moving. Nature’s Tea ingredients have been carefully selected for their proven ability to safely relieve constipation and build-up in the colon.

The great thing about Nature’s Tea is how fast you can tell if it works or not, as within 6 to 8 hours of drinking it, you will feel the urge to go to the toilet and have a “moving” experience! Even though you may already be having regular bowel movements every day, you will be surprised at the volume, colour and smell of what comes out, because Nature’s Tea will help remove all the stuff that has been built-up in your colon (large intestines) over many years.



LiFiber by UnicitySupports Cleansing and Weight Loss

  • Helps cleanse the colon.*
  • Assists weight loss goals.*
  • Helps maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level.*

The National Cancer Society recommends 25–30 grams of fiber per day, but the typical North American diet includes only 8–10 grams of daily fiber. LiFiber provides ample high-quality dietary fiber and herbs that are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract. LiFiber is a psyllium-based powder drink that can be added to water, juice, or the beverage of your choice.

Unicity’s LiFiber offers increased effectiveness by including a special dietary fiber called fructooligo saccharide (FOS). Derived from chicory root, FOS is a naturally sweet substance that cannot be digested by human digestive enzymes. FOS is mainly used as a source of food for beneficial intestinal bacteria. In addition, LiFiber includes 29 different herbs that supply both insoluble and soluble fiber. Studies indicate that soluble fiber may help reduce blood cholesterol, while insoluble fiber passes quickly through the digestive system and helps clear the colon of toxins and other wastes.

LiFiber by Unicity

LiFiber Features and Benefits

  • Provides more soluble fiber than oat bran.
  • Supplies 5.6 grams of soluble and insoluble fi ber per 10 gram serving.
  • Helps clear the colon of toxins and other wastes.
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Assists weight loss goals by providing a full feeling.


Paraway™ Plus

Paraway Plus by UnicityParaway Plus is a unique and comprehensive product designed to help your body eliminate unwanted organisms.* It contains a proprietary blend of the finest herbal ingredients recognized for their cleansing properties. Paraway Plus provides the benefits of Black Walnut hull, Pumpkin seed, Clove bud, Sage leaf, Garlic bulb, Gentian root, Knotweed, Male Fern root, Hyssop leaf, Fenugreek seed, Chamomile flower, Black Pepper fruit, Peppermint leaf, Thyme leaf, Fennel seed, Diatomaceous Earth and Chlorophyll.

What is a parasite?

  • A parasite is any organism that lives in, with, or off another organism.
  • Humans can play “host” to over 100 kinds of parasites.
  • Parasites can be transmitted by contact…in air and in water.
  • Parasites can infect virtually every part of the human body.
  • The World Health Organization estimates that one quarter of the world’s population suffers from chronic intestinal parasite infections.

Paraway Plus by UnicityClassic symptoms of parasite infections include: allergies, anemia, bloating, chronic fatigue, constipation, depressed immune function, diarrhea, eczema, enlarged lymph glands, excessive hunger, fever, flu symptoms, gas, grinding the teeth at night, hives, irritable bowel syndrome, irritability, jaundice, joint and muscle aches or pains, nervousness, rashes, reddened eyes, sleep disturbances, weight gain, and weight loss.

Humans frequently pick up parasites from their dogs and cats. If you make the effort to cleanse your own system, but fail to simultaneously address that of your dog or cat, you are setting yourself up for possible re-infestation. It is always a prudent idea to put your pets on a parasite cleanse along with you.

To stay free of parasites, you will have to take this product periodically. Taking Paraway Plus and colon-cleansing supplements such as LiFiber® and Nature’s Tea® twice a year is a good plan. Get detoxed. Get healthy. Get your ClearStart today!



Order your ClearStart 30 today!

ClearStart 30 Detox Program
ClearStart 30 Calendar

Recommended Use:

  • Take 2 Paraway capsules between days 1-10 and increase the amount to 5 capsules between days 11-30. Take Paraway before breakfast preferably.
  • Take LiFiber as directed on the canister. For optimal results take LiFiber 1/2 hour after the Paraway.
  • During the day, drink at least 8-10 glasses of filtered water.
  • Drink 1 cup of Nature’s Tea, preferably after your evening meal, right before going to bed.

Order your ClearStart 30 today!

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