Andy – Slimmer, Healthier and Off Meds!

Andy's Bios Life Slim Testimony

Andy's Bios Life Slim TestimonyA great Bios Life Slim success story

Shared by Nicole Thew:

My best birthday present received yesterday was the before & after pictures sent to me by Andy.

In May 2012, he took my advice to start the detox set and Bios Life Slim. Yesterday (14 May 2013), he was happier than the birthday girl. He not just looks slim and young, he’s also completely out of cholesterol and hypertension medication (which he has been taking for more than 10 years).

Most importantly, his life style remains unchanged. He eats the same portions, eats whatever he feels like eating, drinks wine and beer as usual.


Yes, there are 3 BIG side effects for him:
1) he has to completely change his wardrobe.
2) he wants to take more of the Unicity products to keep him not just slim but young and healthy.
3) he is taking all the products free of charge now.

Bios Life Slim information

For more information on Bios Life Slim, check out the product info page.

July 10, 2015
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